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No, it won’t float on alright

I came to realization today that the next three weeks are going to horrible. I have a 10 – 15 page research paper I have yet to start thinking about. I have two philosophy papers, one Berkeley and one on Hume. I have two finals, both in classes that I have not glanced at a single page of the required reading and one in which I regularly zone out in class. Procrastination has come back to bite me in the ass, and it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of sleep deprivation to bite back.


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Under Construction

I just downloaded two new albums. The first is Illinoise by Sufjan Stevens. It’s held in high esteem by Blender, Amazon Music, iTunes music, and Jack, so I have high expectations to say the least. The second is Saul Willaims self titled album. I encountered Saul while watching the MTV U Woodie awards, an award show for mostly Indie music. He performed a song called Black Stacy, and I was immediately entralled by his lyrical prowess and superior flow. I’ll have reviews up of both albums sometime this week, after they get their fair share of play on my iPod.

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Back in Town

So much for posting every day. I just got back in town this morning. The flight wasn’t all too bad. Slept through it despite the adjacent passenger’s constant need to rub elbows with me as if egnaged in some ritual to assert mammalian arm-rest superiority. Irritating to say the least. The baggage claim was suprisingly fast; then again, it was 9:00 AM. Not exactly peak time for airport traffic. So I pickd up my bags, and I hailed a cab. I got back to the campus in a half an hour’s time. The fare was more than I would’ve liked. Thirty-five bucks is a steep cost for a 12 mile drive with virtually no traffic. I suspected some foul play was involved a la selective detours or sub-speed limit cruising, but I was too tired during the ride to gather the necessary evidence. I had just got back to the room and started emptying shit out of my pockets when I realized my phone was missing. Motherfucker. As if losing my phone wasn’t bad enough, absolutely no one I knew in the dorm had come back yet. I spent the next 15 minutes knocking on random doors in the dorm to find someone who would let me use their phone, which would probably land in the top twenty in a list of most awkward things I’ve done in my life. To spare myself from remembering each and every uncomfortable and frustrating moment in those fifteen minutes, I’ll just say that I evenually found someone half awake in posession of a working phone. I called the taxi dispatcher, who after putting me on hold for half an hour, gave me the number of the taxi I had ridden in. The tax driver answered promptly which was the highlight of the last two hours, a testament to exactly how shitty they were. He had my phone, but the return would be less painless than I would’ve liked. He basically gave me two choices. Either he would drop it off at the taxi dispatch at the airport, or he could drop it off on campus for $15. As much as I hated the idea of shelling out more money on a shitty morning, I realized the other choice involved much more money, much more time, and most importantly less time to sleep. So I agreed to pay the money and get my phone “delivered.” “Delivered,” because he only agreed to stop at the West Campus bus stop which required a little bit of a walk from the dorm. And at 30 degrees outside, it was not a pleasant walk. I got my phone back in an hour’s time. As he left, he flashed this devilish smile as if made out like a thief this morning. And I was quite sure he did. I trudged back to the dorm cold, tired, and fifty dollars poorer. To top it off, my parents had called Verizon and cancelled my service even though I have free weekeneds. It took another hour to restore service and listen to their phone lecture about responsibility. I told them I was tired and asked for a reincheck, but they did not take the suggestion too kindly. Near the end of the conversation, I proceeded to make a sardonic comment about recording the lecture on my iPod instead. This only served to prolong the conversation and delay my inevitable self-induced coma. After flipping the phone closed, I passed out on the bed. I’m not even sure what time it was, but I woke up at about 6:00 feeling a little more rested and a little less pissed at life.

Saul Williams – Black Stacey

Sufjan Stevens – Chicago

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Utterly and Absolutely Useless

This past week has probably been the least productive week of my life. Aside from doing no school work, which has been the norm for a while, I played MVP Baseball ’05 on my computer from Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. This is not an unprecedented feat, but, in college, it is still a stupid one. As expected, I slept all day and missed two of my classes. That just adds the already daunting list of “shit to catch up on.” The rest of my time has been spent blogging on zoublog. It’s not schoolwork, but it’s infintely more intellectual and therefore more productive than MVP Baseball. I’ve aways been a fan of educated discussions/debates/agruements, these are interchangeable with me. Talking with people on this campus just hasn’t been cutting it for reasons I’ll probably write about later. On Zoublog, I got into a rather heated arguement with Bo Simmons about the viability of the United States launching a neutralizing attack on Iran. It was for the most part a big misunderstanding on both sides. Bo thought I was arguing for an attack, and I thought Bo was being too assertive for his reasoning. I was suprised, though, by the level of sophistication displayed by both sides as well as the blog in general, which means there will be many more posts to come. I think that’s all for now. It’s time to reorganize my life. It’s been long overdue.

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