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Don’t Forget the Asterisk

I’m beginning to love music blogs. I’m finding a lot of Indie music that wasn’t on Torrent Reactor. Furthermore, it combines the reading and downloading task of finding new music. This saves time, which I like a lot. Anyways, I downloaded Stellastarr*’s new album. It’s called Harmonies for the Haunted. I’m already quite taken by a song on the album called Sweet Troubled Soul. I’m going to add Harmonies to the queue for reviews. I realize this queue is getting long, but I’ll finish it one of these days.


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Impressions of First Impressions

I downloaded an advance of the much anticipated new Strokes album today. It’s called First Impressions of Earth. I’m still in the process of listening to it, but I already have some impressions.

– This album sounds more varied and experimental than previous albums. The raspy vocals of Casablancas aside, some of the songs on the album are wildly uncharacteristic of the Strokes.

-The average BPM in this album seems much lower than Is This It and Room on Fire.

-The drums has yielded to the guitar work as the focus of most of the tracks.

– The songwriting appears to have regressed from previous albums. Is This It was acclaimed for its sharp, witty song writing. Room on Fire, despite the criticism, was not too far behind. I’ll have to pull up the lyrics online for First Impressions during a listening this week, but so far, it doesn’t look (sound) good.

December 4, 2005 at 1:52 am 2 comments

Under Construction

I just downloaded two new albums. The first is Illinoise by Sufjan Stevens. It’s held in high esteem by Blender, Amazon Music, iTunes music, and Jack, so I have high expectations to say the least. The second is Saul Willaims self titled album. I encountered Saul while watching the MTV U Woodie awards, an award show for mostly Indie music. He performed a song called Black Stacy, and I was immediately entralled by his lyrical prowess and superior flow. I’ll have reviews up of both albums sometime this week, after they get their fair share of play on my iPod.

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